Người đua diều

Cuối tuần vừa rồi bắt đầu đọc cuốn Người đua diều. Cuốn sách đã mua từ lâu, giờ tranh thủ những ngày được thảnh thơi một chút, một chút thôi vì mấy ngày đầu vẫn để mẹ ngủ với vợ mình để cùng trông cháu, mới lôi ra đọc. Không ngờ rằng đây là một tác phẩm xuất sắc đến vậy, lâu lắm mới có một cuốn sách mà không dứt ra được.

Câu chuyện về cậu bé Amir đã lớn lên như nào, cùng với những người bên mình như ông bố Baba, chú Khan, người giúp việc Ali…, và đặc biệt là Hassan – con của ông Alo. Câu chuyện có nhiều đoạn khiến mình ngạt thở, nhất là khoảng 1/4 đầu tiên nói về tình bạn, sự dũng cảm của Hassan. Một tình cảm tinh khôi và không đòi hỏi bất kỳ điều gì của Hassan. Điều đó khiến mình suy nghĩ rất nhiều, cũng như về sự dũng cảm mà Hassan và ông bố Baba đã dạy cho Amir (nhưng chỉ gần đến cuối cuốn sách, để rơi vào 1 tình huống bắt buộc phải dũng cảm, Amir mới chịu như vậy). Và mình nghĩ đến chính mình, nhiều lúc cũng tự thấy hèn chả kém Amir, nhiều khi cứ phải tự túm tóc lôi lên mới có được chút dũng cảm, chứ không phải là cái có sẵn, chảy trong huyết mạch của mình. Làm sao để có được cái đó, e là không phải tập là được. Cái này phải công nhận, và cố gắng dạy thằng con từ bé thì may ra.

Đọc “Người đua diều” và nghe Senerade của Schubert như kiểu 1 cặp bài trùng ấy. Trong tiếng nhạc buồn buồn của bài hát, có cảm giác rất tiếc nuối cho Hassan, vì tính trẻ con và ích kỷ của Amir. Nhưng cũng chưa chắc Hassan đã buồn, vì biết đâu chính Hassan cũng mong vậy?


[Day6] Weather in Ha Noi

After a heavy rain in Ha Noi yesterday which caused traffic jams and let me and my wife to come home after 1 hour travelling, I have some things to share about weather in Ha Noi:

  • The average temperature is getting higher. On one hand, in winter, there are few days the temperature fell down 10 degree, and I needn’t buy many jackets and coats. Just few sweaters and blazers, you can survive through the winter. On other hand, summer is becoming hotter. There are 7-8 periods in summer which have temperature above 37-38 degree, and such period may be in Sept, even in Oct, which is very strange 10 years before.
  • There is a lot of rain in Ha Noi compared with other provinces in Viet Nam. In a report about rain amount, Ha Noi ranks 4 in top lowest rain.
  • Obviously, there is no snow in Ha Noi. It is quite common in some provinces like Lao Cai, Yen Bai…
  • Temperature in Ha Noi is more unstable than Sai Gon. The variance between day and night in Ha Noi may be  14-15 degree in winter.

[Day 5] Grab and Uber

Recently, I have read newspaper about traditional taxi drivers in Vietnam have hit Grab and Uber drivers (, and they claimed that 2 international firms have inappropriate marketing campaigns that trigger the business of traditional taxi. In my opinion, this behavior should be banned as following reason:

Firstly, this fact shows that traditional taxi (TT) firms have not update, or update lately, the latest technology. Whist Uber and Grab uses the technologies to attract new customers with lower fare, higher services and easy to use software. Compared with the average price of other taxi firms in Viet Nam, fee per km of Uber and Grab is lower than 10-15%. Since transportation is a common service, customers are very sensible to price. Beside that, customers have safe feeling about price when use Uber and Grab since the fares have been fixed before the services are used. It is opposite to TT firms as there are many cases report that actual fare per km is much higher than published one.

Secondly, Uber and Grab lead the taxi market due to a challenge idea: every one will have a car for their use with lowest cost. This need is fit with the fact that, many people have own cars but they rarely use and they want to maximize profit of the car.  Hence, a student in Viet Nam may have uses car service frequently, which is very rare many years before. In additional,  Uber and Grab state that using their service let to reduce total cars  and help to solve the traffic jams problem.

With all above reasons, I fully support Uber and Grab services in Viet Nam and wish traditional taxi firms will update technology, improve their services to attract more customers. This will let to lower taxi fare in Viet Nam.

[Day3] Football

It is football that come up to my mind when I think about the subject I write for today. I read news about football everyday, about result of match, performance of each player and story about coach, fans and history of club.

I dont know exactly time I have known football, but it was time that I was 5 years old. At this time, I was famous of remembering many name of players like Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Romario…and teenagers at my village always asked me about those players. Every day, I also played in a football team with the role as striker (I had played for this position until I was 11, then I have changed to midfielder and wing-back). Hence, I can say that football has been a part of my life since I was 5.

Now, although I have not enough time and health to play football every week, I still read about it.

My idols are Ronaldo (both 2, one from Portugal and one from Brazil) and Andrea Pirlo. My favorite teams are Real Madrid FC and Arsenal FC.

But there are many clubs, coaches and athletes I admire, in which:

I admire Liverpool FC in the Champions League final match, 2004/2005. They lost 3-0 in the first half, but with their “never give up” attitude, finally the scored 3 goals and won after penalty shootout.

I admire Sir Alex Furguson for his hardworking style. There is a story that after winning Champions League, 2007/2008, he never rested and started preparing for the next season from 7am on the next day.

I respect Paul Scholes, Paolo Maldini, Francesco Totti for their royalty. They only played for one clud for their entire career and rejected many invitations from other famous clubs.

With Cristiano Ronaldo, I appreciate his professionalism. People talked a lot about him, particularly they said not he can not score in an important match like El Clasico or Final match of Champions League. But he always works hard, have been “down mood” and finally gained 4 Fifa Ballon D’or (the best man player in the year –

With Carlo Ancelotti, his quite leadership style has motivated me a lot in my work.

I also respect Zidane for his modest. After scoring a  famous goal in Champions League final match, 2001/2002, he never treated him as a star/talent and always said that is lucky moment.

I recognise all of these characters and try myself to have all of them.

[Day2] Well planning

Obviously, discipline is key feature to achieve every wonderful thing. However, I think the second characteristic of every success is well planning. That means you have to have deep understanding about your goal, how to get it, how many times and steps must to be completed.

I have experienced this 3 years ago, when I had only 2 weeks to learn a new paper in ACCA qualification. This book has over 500 pages and I tried to read 70 pages each day. But after 2 days, I felt that if I followed this schedule, assuredly I would fail. Then I asked my friends about 3 most important chapters in this book. I tried to learn carefully only 3 chapters instead of reading entire of the book. And day-by-day, I have only thought about the current chapter I were attempting. By dividing the books into “small piece cake”, finally I passed.

My another achievement is when I leart to play Guitar, the simplest songs named “Tuoi Hong Tho Ngay”. Just four chords C,Am,Dm,G. But it seems to be impossible to switch finger from one chord to another chord. After two unsuccessful weeks, I changed my approach. I decided that in next 3 days, I have only tried to move from C to Am and vice versa. Then Am to Dm, Dm to G and G to A. Every pair, I spent enough time to switch competently before moving to next one.

In conclusion, based on my experience, I certainly conclude that if you have well planning for each mission, you will have 50% more chance to complete it.

And this is one of my favorite quote:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

[Day1] Discipline

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” – Jim Rohn

Today I just want to write about discipline. I think this character is very important to everyone who wanna change their life, wanna improve a skill or learn new thing. It is a common fact that, you may find an interesting subject, then spend time searching for a lot of information on Internet and then…do nothing. This is truth about me when I want to study English, AI, swim, write blog. I feel very interesting, motivated and super high at that time I find out my interest. But one, two days later, the trend is that I try to get an appropriate reason to not  pursue my goal. Then I realize that the key problem here is discipline.

I plan to overcome this weakness, by running.

I have discovered a plan to achieve 5-km race in 6 weeks on internet ( This plan isn’t too difficult to follow, but sometimes I feel very tired to run 2-3 km at 9-10pm after dinner. But every time I want to reject this plan, I remember how many times I fail to get my objective, then I overpass this moment. Actually, after 6 weeks, I have completed my 5-km race. Although feeling tired at the end of the race, I have thought that: “Finally, my little dream gets done”.

Now I am challenging myself to study English at least 30 minute and do exercise each day. I hope that I will overcome this challenge since I have improve my discipline.

Deactivate Facebook

I have deactivated my Facebook account yesterday since I spend too much time using it. There is only one month from now until predicted day that we “hello” our child, so I decide that this time should be used to study English, read book, write blog rather than on social network website.

Recently, I have found a project of Huyen Chip (a very famous girl who spend 2 years travelling around the world) which call “learning365 project” ( In this blog, Huyen try to learn a new thing everyday and try to write about it. I think this idea is very interesting although I am quite normal and cannot find new thing everyday, but I will try as Huyen. As a result, I must stop accessing facebook in order to have more time.

Last but not least, I have started my new work at the beginning of this month. As first month is “honey moon” time for every work, I should spend time understanding my company structure, activities and culture. It is an advice I gained after reading book of Ancelotti about “Quiet Leadership” (

I plan to activate my Facebook account to write for my son (trom via)